The POD sauna reminds the shape of an ancient triangular hut. The tapering up ceiling gives you a feeling of coziness and it's nice to spend time in such a sauna. The number of partitions in the sauna rooms depends on the length of the sauna. The longer the sauna, the more opportunities to install an additional shower, changing room without reducing the size of the sauna room itself.

Windows and doors in this type of sauna house can only be at the ends of the house structure because the sides are covered with a bituminous roof. As the sides of the sauna are completely closed, it is very important that windows and doors would be as open as possible, to get natural sunlight inside. For this, we offer doors with windows, full glass doors or large windows from the sauna room. 

Possible dimensions for the POD sauna:

WIDTH (2.4 m) x HEIGHT (2.55m) x LENGTH (2; 2.4; 3; 4; 5; 6m)

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