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Sauna is inseparable from many spa treatments. Bathing procedures are really very pleasant and healthy activities, so the mobile sauna line is one of our most important products.

Making the bathhouse, we used base of  summerhouses: POD, BARREL, OVAL, VERTICAL, BOX. The easy-to-change layout of the cottages has made it possible to convey the unchanged design for mobile baths. All sauna modifications remain in this sauna line - sizes, structural solutions, variants of insulation, roof cover, variants of furnishing, and others. Sauna can also be collected locally or brought already collected, which can be transported to another place, here is one of the advantages of saunas - mobility. As a result, the dimensions of the assembled bathhouse were taken into account when designing the bath to allow the transport of products with conventional transport.


In order to enjoy the pleasures of the sauna it is convenient to have such premises as: ante, shower and hot sauna (sauna). The parts can be more or less depends on each need and opportunity. Sauna can have rooms of different lengths. The company's chosen sauna construction helps save everyone. The sauna room consists of sitting benches - beds that are oriented most often along the bath and the heater is mainly mounted at the rear of the lacquer. The oven may be electric or firewood. Furnace can be internal or external. Everyone chooses here individually, but in this aspect, there are more advantages to the external furnace: firewood does not occupy the area of ​​the sauna floor, with the wood does not add dirt inside. Before bathing, it is recommended to shower in a long-term hygiene, therefore we recommend to install a small shower. This room consists of intelligently equipped storage space, compact folding tables, benches and other parts.

The sauna is equipped with standard furnishings. If you are looking for non-standard solutions, we suggest contacting you and we will do our best to fulfill your wishes.

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