Plastic hot tubs are superior to standard wood because they are more aesthetic in the interior, they do not need to use chemical cleaners, they do not need to store water due to drying. The tubing liner is made of 5 mm polypropylene plastic that is environmentally friendly and frost resistant. You can choose the color of the plastic from the blue, white/cream and black. Who likes pool-like water fun, this hot tub is particularly appealing. Types of tubs are similar to those of a round shape.

Available sizes of tubs:

Diameter (cm)> how much people (person) can fit> variants of stoves CODES:
1. 160cm> 4pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS;

2. 180cm> 6pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS; 

3. 200cm> 8pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS;

4. 220cm> 10pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS; 

Inside depth of plastic tub - 100 cm.

Complete set of the heater with a lot of power. The heater can be chosen according to the type of tub, an outdoor or internal heater, and a more or less efficient oven. The stoves are made of stainless steel metal - AISI 430, which is less resistant to corrosion. If seawater or water with a little bit of chlorine is used, the AISI 316 brand stainless steel heater should be selected.

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