The tub with glass fiber inside is similar to plastic tub, the only difference is that the insert is with a formed bench inside. Due to this feature, the tub needs much less water, it becomes warmer faster. Seatings on this kind of benches are even more ergonomic than in conic tubs. They are also very hygienic, they do not need to store water, they do not over dry like natural wood tubs. Available colors - light grey, dark grey, blue, cream/white. These tubs looks the most luxurious. 

Available sizes of tubs:

Diameter (cm)> how much people (person) can fit> variants of stoves CODES:

1. 160cm> 4pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS.
2. 180cm> 6pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS.
3. 200cm> 8pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS.
4. 220cm> 10pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS.

The depth of glass fiber tubs, depending on the chosen liner model, can be 85 or 95 cm. Inner width 150/180 cm. Outside width 200 cm.

Complete set of the heater with a lot of power. The heater can be chosen according to the type of tub, an outdoor or internal heater it will be and a more or less efficient. The stoves are made of stainless steel metal - AISI 430, which is less resistant to corrosion. If you use seawater or water with salt or other additives, you need to choose an AISI 316 brand stainless steel heater.

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