A round-shaped wooden tub is a classic and the most commonly found tub. Due to its shape, it is the most comfortable to use this type of tub, which is the highest, making the most of the space. This type of tub can have both an internal and an external water heater. The tub is supplied with wooden standard and round-shaped benches. The safety fence for an internal heater is made of wood and can be fitted with a beverage holder. Tub height with cover is 110 cm.

Available sizes of tubs:

Diameter (cm)> how much people (persons) can fit> types of stoves CODE:
1. 160cm> 4pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS.
2. 180cm> 6pers.> 21M; 25M; 25MS; 23M; 23MS.
3. 200cm> 8pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS.
4. 220cm> 10pers.> 22d; 26D; 26DS; 24D; 24DS.

The heater can be chosen according to the type of tub and it is an internal or external tub and a more or less efficient heater. The stoves are made of stainless steel metal - AISI 430, which is less resistant to corrosion. If you use seawater or little bit chlorine, you need to choose an AISI 316 brand stainless steel heater.

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